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About Us

What we do


We undertake three types of investments:

  • Minority interests: We buy shares in the open public market or through privately negotiated purchases to hold  passive interests in companies. We aim to make big bets when odds are in our favor and are willing to hold our investments for years. Our portfolio will therefore hold few concentrated investments with minimum turnover.
  • Special situations: We invest in arbitrage situations of public companies involving spin-offs, mergers & acquisitions, liquidations, etc. Our goal here is to invest in only a few of these cases for the short-term to take advantage of mispricings in the market. By also using leverage, we intend to generate over-sized annualized returns uncorrelated to the overall market. 
  • Acquisitions: We acquire controlling interests in companies with a possible intent to actively manage operations to realize the value. Through changes in ownership structure, we provide attractive exit opportunities (liquidity) for business owners, while allowing us to find new streams of cash flow for appropriate capital allocation.

The BCM Advantage


BCM is different from other investors in the market. Our unique model brings an entrepreneurial approach to investing, making us an ideal buyer for small to mid-sized businesses of quality. We focus on companies that are too small for most private equity buyout firms or investment firms, and too mature for venture capital funds.

  • We focus on under-valued businesses: Our idea of value is broadly based on the principles laid out by the likes of Ben Graham, Warren Buffett, Seth Klarman, Sardar Biglari and others. 
  • We are long-term patient investors: We are pursuing durable, lasting value over the long term, as opposed to buying and selling opportunistically based on market volatility. We are content to wait for the 'fat pitch' before we swing. And we will bet big when we do swing.
  • We are not moved by market sentiments: We have the conviction to make an investment when data and reasoning tells us regardless of the market sentiment. In fact, our we will make significant investments at time of greatest pessimism.


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