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Welcome to BCM


"I am a better investor because I am a businessman and I am a better businessman because I am an investor" - Warren Buffett


Bansi Capital Management (BCM) is a private investment limited liability company seeking to invest in private and public securities to generate returns that exceed standard market benchmarks. BCM seeks to make concentrated long-term investments in under-valued companies based on the broad principles laid out by Ben Graham, Warren Buffett, Seth Klarman, Sardar Biglari and others.  


We invest in three types of situations: we take minority interests by buying shares in the open public market or through privately negotiated purchases; we invest in special situation arbitrage of public companies involving spin-offs, mergers/acquisitions, etc; we acquire controlling stakes in companies with an intent to actively manage operations to realize intrinsic value.  


Our focus is small businesses usually that are too small for private equity firms or money management firms and too mature for venture capitalists. We prefer companies in basic industries like real-estate, manufacturing, retail and internet/software. We offer market exceeding returns to our investors, and liquidity and management succession to business owners.


We bring both capital allocation and management expertise to our investments. BCM was formed by a small group of seasoned entrepreneurs, managers and investors with decades of experience in strategy, operations and valuation enabling us to respond quickly and professionally.


BCM operates with integrity, intelligence and intensity. 


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